Infant/Toddler Observation-SLO #1 Submit Assignment

Infant/Toddler Observation-SLO #1

Observation allows you to look at the environment, childrens interactions with their peers, teachers, language use, and other developmental milestones and domains. You have learned several developmental theories related to understanding the cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development of young children. The application of what you observe and developmental theories is important in providing insight into what to expect (typical development) as well as identifying a delay in development (atypical development).

This assignment will allow you to observe an infant/toddler pre-selected video and utilize a developmental continuum observation tool, Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP, 2015) ( Link below), to identify the developmental levels. 

Please choose one of the following DRDP developmental domains:

Approaches to Learning-Self Regulation
Social-Emotional Development
Language and Literacy Development
Physical Development

*You are only required to complete the five measures within your chosen developmental domain as some domains have more than 5 measures.


Please view the pre-selected video of Nick (child in blue polo shirt)  IN THE LINK below and  complete a written summary 2 pages of the following:

Summarize typical development based on the age of the child and the assigned DRDP (2015) developmental domain. This is where you will also include the developmental theorist/theory in your summary as well. You will need to utilize the textbook, journal articles, or other sources to create and assist in this summary. 
Summarize the observation of the child in the video and compare what you viewed based on typical development and the developmental theory and/or theories.  Please remember to include examples to support your conclusion.
Summarize each measure observed utilizing the DRDP (your chosen domain) and give clear examples of these skills and the context in which they occurred to support rating. Please include citations to support and strengthen the analysis.
Here are a few questions/prompts to assist with your observation based on your assigned DRDP (2015) developmental domain. These are just a few prompts if need additional ideas to assist with your observational analysis.

Based on the activity, does the child engage with the object(s) used (and how), the quality and quantity of social interactions (Does the child initiate? Is the child seeking attention? If so, positive or negative? Is the child seeking play? Comfort? Assistance?)
How about the interactions with other children? Is the child playing? If so, is it cooperative, interactive, parallel, independent, structured, creative?
What do you notice about the content of language, motor development and coordination, and indications of use of concepts or cognitive stages of development (i.e.: what cognitive concept must be mastered to play Hide-and-Go-Seek?). Write down, verbatim, some of the language interactions, or vocalizations. What stage of language development is the child exhibiting?
Did you observe environmental and instructional accommodations for young children with disabilities or delays? If so, describe and provide details.

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