In this assignment, students will complete a 5-page research paper. The focus of your research paper will be to discuss a criminal case from the point of entry into the criminal justice system to discussion of the outcome of the case. You will choose the

The details surrounding the criminal case and address the following questions:
o What are the crimes the person is being accused of in a court of law? What are the elements of each of these crimes?
o What type of defense did the accused in a court of law? What types of defenses could the accused have raised in a court of law? Please explain each defense thoroughly.
o What was the mental state of the accused when the crime occurred? Please explain the different types of mental states (mens rea) that a person can be during the commission of a crime and how this impacts the status of criminal responsibility.
o What was the outcome of the case? How did the entire process from the point of entry into the criminal justice system to entering the penal system impact this individual, their family and society in general?

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