In a 6-8 page paper, Times Roman 12point-double spaces, write a critical book review on Nolan Higdons The Anatomy of Fake News.

In a 6-8 page paper, APA or Chicago Style citations, Times Roman, 12point-double spaced, essay, critically introduce, evaluate, and analyze Higdons argument about the relationship and solutions regarding American democracy and fake news. Students will be graded on how well they explain Higdons thesis, argue their point of view, and use college-level writing (grammar, spelling, style, word diversity, etc). Citations and Sources. A book review requires specific commentary about the book. Thus, citations should include specific references to pages and chapter numbers. If you discuss course content, that also needs to be cited. No outside sources will be allowed. Higdons book must be cited a minimum of 15 times accurately. In addition, each of the following primary sources must be used in your analysis of Higdon’s book:

Structure of the paper:
Opening Paragraph
The opening paragraph should provide a road map of what you are arguing and how you will prove it.
It should have a well-defined and underlined thesis
Summarize The Anatomy of Fake News (3-4 pages maximum)
Introduce Higdons thesis.
With a focus on how it relates to Higdons thesis, write a succinct paragraph summary for each of the following:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
In each summary describe what you find to be the strengths and weaknesses as compared to the other course material from this term.
Solutions (1-page maximum)
Describe in multiple paragraphs the solutions Higdon introduces and critiques in Chapter 6.
Do you agree or disagree with his analysis on each? Why?
Critical Media Literacy (1-page maximum)
Considering the historical content you have reviewed this semester, describe in multiple paragraphs evaluate Higdon fake news detection kit in Chapter 7. How might this knowledge help historians?
Conclusion (1 paragraph)
Summarize the main findings of your paper.

Formatting: In college, there is very specific to write an essay. Anything short of these basic expectations will not be considered an essay. They include:

An opening Paragraph.
Your opening paragraph should summarize the essay and have a strong underlined one-sentence thesis.
The opening paragraph should provide a road map of what you are arguing and how you will prove it.
Body paragraphs.
Topic sentences that tie your evidence to the thesis
Make sure the language of each topic sentence is taken directly from the thesis
The topic sentence explains how the evidence supports a part of the thesis, thus, the topic sentence should never be something that is or can be cited.
Summarizes main arguments of the essay
The paper should have a clear and underlined thesis in the opening paragraph and conclusion of main findings at the end. There should never be material that is or can be cited in the opening paragraph, concluding paragraph, or topic sentences. The opening and conclusion paragraphs summarize the essay while the topic sentences summarize the evidence in the paragraph.

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