Implementing Brand Strategy

Marketers must constantly look for ways to generate revenue by building brand awareness. The Discussion topic for this discussion focuses on developing strong brands. Select one article that applies to a company that has developed strong brands. Compose a short summary (300500 words) explaining why and how this article is relevant to building brand awareness.

Answer the following questions:

What are some of the challenges and considerations marketers must act upon to build brand awareness?
What types of strategies has the company (featured in your article) implemented to build their own brand awareness? Do you agree with these strategies?
What else might the company do to increase their brand awareness?
How many countries does the company presently operate in outside of the U.S.? How would you go about determining the best location for further international expansion?
What are the risks inherent in brand extensions and expanding product lines? Within your response, include relevant quotes from your Kotler and Keller Marketing Management text to support your view.

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