Iconography and Symbolism in Art

Option 2: Iconography and Symbolism in Art

Many of the ancient cultures and civilizations we have discussed often incorporated specific iconography or symbolism in their artworks. Choose TWO artworks that depict a cultures iconography the artworks can be from two different cultures and discuss how the images convey a specific meaning for the culture that created it. Include information about both artworks, i.e. title, artist (if known), date, culture. Look over the Grading Rubric to ensure all criteria are met. Identify the Option selected for your essay.

Suggested examples of artworks for consideration:

Lion-human (Prehistoric)                                                     

Painted Bison (cave painting) (Prehistoric)                           

Octopus Flask (Minoan Greek)                                             

Hinged Clasp or Purse Lid from the Sutton Hoo burial mound (Middle Ages)

Jewish Menorah Wall painting from a Catacomb and Mosaic from an early Jewish Synagogue

Kufik Plate (Islamic)

Islamic Mosaics and Arabesques (Islamic Art)

Coatillcue (from the Aztec culture) (South America)

Spirit Spouse (Baule Culture, Ivory Coast, Africa / Twin Figures (Yoruba, Nigeria, Africa)

Double Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife (Early Renaissance)

Writing up your essay:

Length: 300 to 500 words

Format: Create a word file (.doc, docx, or PDF) with your name. Upload that file into the assignment on Canvas. Please do not use google docs or any other on-line writing format such as Pages, Box, etc.

Using resources such as power points and outside sources will be necessary. There are Art History Books at Bracken Library (if you are on Ball State Campus). If using the internet, please make sure you are using an academic site(s) for your information (not Wikipedia). Use either footnotes or in-line citations to indicate your information sources and include a bibliography of sources consulted. Refer to the separate handout in Week 7 Canvas Module for how to write citations and format a bibliography.

Grade: 20 points. Late papers will receive a 1 point penalty per day (-5 pts. max.).

Break-down of Grading

50% Content: Did you meet the requirements?

20% Vocabulary: Have you used and explained vocabulary learned in class?

20% Spelling and Grammar: Use spell check and grammar check. Use proper paragraph breaks and proper punctuation

10% Organization and Clarity: Can I easily understand what you are saying when I read your paper?

Grading Rubric

Content: Chosen option is clearly indicated (1 pt.). Provides information about BOTH artworks, i.e. title, artist (if known), date, culture (2 pts.). Essay discusses two different monuments or art works (2 pts.). Uses factual information and consulted academic sites and sources (2 pts.). Essay discusses the topic/theme of chosen option and not just describes the two objects (1 pts.). Includes footnotes/in-line citations and bibliography (2 pts.).                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                (up to 10 points)

Vocabulary: Used and explained vocabulary learned in class                                (up to 4 points)

Grammar and Spelling: Proper sentence structure, punctuation, proof-reading  (up to 4 points)

Organization and Clarity: Essay clearly states the objectives, is well-organized and is clearly written                                                                                                                            (up to 2 points)   

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