human trafficking and migrant smuggling

Content How well did you address the topic and/or answer the question(s)? Is your answer as well as the material you present accurate and relevant to the topic? Do you support your answer with relevant and well documented material (if necessary)?
Grammar & Spelling Proper punctuation, capitalization, and correct spelling.
Make sure you address the items(s) below using complete sentences.  Your response must be in APA format, typed using a 12-point font (Times News Roman, Calibri, or Arial), aligned left, and double-spaced with a 1-inch margin.
Also, provide a reference page (if applicable) in APA format that lists any outside source(s) that you use. Failure to provide references for outside resources or to answer in your own words will be considered as plagiarism. If you dont use outside sources, then you dont need a reference page.
Provide a complete heading that includes your first and last name, the course name, meeting time (internet), assignment information, and date.

Week 2 Assignment
Write a 150 – 250 word response to the prompt below. Your answer must be in essay format and use complete sentences. Keep in mind that grammar, content, etc (see the instructions above). will be part of your grade.

Question/Prompt: Explain the similarities and difference between human trafficking and migrant smuggling.

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