Human Services Case Study review

Please read the case study in attachment and answer the following questions with AT LEAST 5 sentences for each.

1. Upon reviewing the case, what were the steps that Susan Schroeder took to handle the situation? What, if any, additional steps should she have taken that were omitted in this scenario? Please identify and discuss. (Answer question with five sentences or more.)

2. Read about the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) ( To what extent does FMLA pertain to the dilemma faced by Susan Schroeder and Martin Foresman? Please explain. Additionally, how might the difficulties dealing with personal time off (PTO), sick, and FMLA leave be handled? (Answer question with five sentences or more).

3. The American’s with Disability Act (ADA) has relevance to protections accorded Martin Foresman ( What does the ADA have to say about person with Alzheimer’s disease and are there any “reasonable accommodations” beyond those given by Susan Schroeder that might be considered? Please explain with examples. (You can answer this question with just three sentences.)

4. In your opinion, did Susan treat Martin in a fear, legal, and ethical manner? If so, in what ways? Elaborate. If not, what consisted unfairness, unethical or unlawful actions or behaviors on Susan’s part? Please elaborate. In general, what would you have done differently than Susan in dealing with a similar problem in your own organization? Explain. (Answer question with five sentences or more)

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