Human Services Case Study review

Please read the following case study in attachment and answer the questions below with AT LEAST 3 MEANINGFUL SENTENCES each:

1. What role did Charles Mitchell’s personal relationships play in how the scandal unfolded? Please elaborate and consider the implications of these personal relationships. (At least 3 thorough sentences are required)

2. What would you have done differently, if you were a Children’s Connection board member? Address this question in regards to public relations, in particular. (At least 3 thorough sentences are required)

3. Was the Children Connection’s organizational culture and governance enabling Charles Mitchell’s actions in any way? Please explain. (At least 3 thorough sentences are required)

4. In your opinion, is it “right or wrong” that the Children’s Connection funding ceased so quickly? Should the funding organizations have waited for a verdict instead of basing their decision on allegations? Why or why not? (At least 3 thorough sentences are required)

5. Assuming financial resources were secured and the organization continued to operate, what steps would you take as the new CEO to improve the internal controls, human resources approach, and governance of Children’s Connection? (At least three thorough sentences are required)

6. The Children’s Connection COO and other members of the executive staff were aware of Charles Mitchell’s indiscretions before the scandal emerged, yet, they did nothing and lied about their knowledge of the situation during the staff meeting. From a human resources perspective, is it ever acceptable to withhold pertinent information or otherwise mislead the employees that you manage? Please justify your response and, also, explain the implications of withholding pertinent information either way. (At least 3 thorough sentences are required)

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