Human Resources Management Plan

A business plan is a blueprint a detailed plan for starting, building, operating and managing a business. Key components include an executive summary, business concept/description, company analysis, industry analysis, competition analysis, customer analysis, marketing plan, operations plan, HR/management plan, financial plan, and appendix (includes financial projections, agreements, etc.) This assignment includes two business plan components: 1. Business concept/description and 2. HR/management plan. Each team will select and describe a concept for a business that includes at least five employees (positions.) The business description needs to include geographic location and industry. Based on the business concept/description, the team will develop a HR/management plan for the business. The HR/management plan will cover management policies and processes for attracting, motivating, training, managing, compensating, replacing and retaining diverse human resources to operate and manage the business. The HR/management plan will include specifics such as an organization chart, management team, employee positions, compensation and benefits, and policies and processes for attracting, motivating and retaining employees, making ethical decisions, managing diversity, evaluating performance, planning succession, and ensuring a safe and non-discriminatory work environment.

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