Human Resource Stratagies

HA255-5: Analyze (4) human resource strategies for organizational best practices in relation to job design and analysis for recruitment, selection, and retention in the healthcare workforce.

PC-3.1: Conduct oneself to reflect the professional characteristics and culture of a given work setting.

You are the human resources representative at your organization and have been asked to give a presentation to the Board of Directors regarding how you will recruit, select and retain high caliber candidates in an area where you have a shortage of staff.

You may choose any job position as an example, such as nurses, infection control personnel, etc. Be sure to address the need to complete a job analysis and what that entails, as well as the importance of proper job design in managing your recruitment.

Here is an example of how you might layout your presentation:

Title slide (1 slide)
Introduction (1 slide)
Overview of shortage (1 slide)
Job analysis and design (1 slide)
Recruitment, selection, and retention (1 slide)
Elements of positive organizational relations (1 slide)
Conclusion (1 slide)
Reference(s) (1+ slide[s])
Please review the APA formatting and citation style in Academic Tools – Academic Writer.

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