How do you balance social responsibility and individual freedom? Support your position using the readings and movies from this semester.

Read carefully, brainstorm ideas before you begin to write, and leave time to edit and proofread.  Remember that the essay will be graded on three main categories: your main idea (thesis), organization and support, and the mechanics of words and sentences.  REFER TO AT LEAST DIFFERENT THREE WORKS WE COVERED, AND USE QUOTATIONS EXCEPT FOR MOVIES.  YOU MUST INCLUDE AT LEAST ONE READING IN ADDITION TO MOVIES. Your introduction should state your thesis clearly, and each body paragraph should elaborate on and support that thesis using specific details and examples from the readings and movies.  Avoid repetition.  The conclusion should restate your thesis in different words.  Proofread for readability. — Is there a subject/verb agreement? Have you avoided fragments and/or run-ons?

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