Combine your understanding of at least two and perhaps more of our resources this week. Look for ways to make connections between our resources. Tell us what resources you are using in your essay.

Choose  ONE of the following topics for your main discussion posting for the week. Remember to provide a reference if you used a source other than your textbook for information. Also, remember not to copy and paste from any sources – summarize and analyze in your own words.

1. Was Germany fundamentally different from other parts of Europe in its attitude toward Jews, or fundamentally similar? Give three specific examples to support your argument.

2. Of the post-war catastrophes (for example, German economic collapse, the Armenian genocide, the rise of fascism, etc.), which was most important in laying the groundwork for the Holocaust and why? Give at least three reasons for the factor youre choosing, as well as an explanation of why youre not choosing other possible factors.

3. Is there a group in our society that you see receiving similar treatment to Jews in early to mid-20th-century Germany? Compare and contrast the experiences and perceptions of German Jews and the group you see in American society.

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