History of Southeast Asia

In what ways was the second phase of Western expansion into Southeast Asia (later 18th and 19th cs.) different from the first phase? In your analysis, focus on at least two of the four major high imperialist powers: Great Britain, Holland, France, and the USA. What are the main causes for these differences? How did this second wave of imperialism impact the lives of Southeast Asians?
Your essay should comprise a main thesis or theses, stated at the beginning, and an extended discussion of supporting evidence. Be analytical, not just descriptive. At all cost, avoid being vague and too general in your argumentation; the clearer you state your own position and your own analysis, the better. Pay attention to the details of the essay question; stay focused on the topic. Be specific. For supporting evidence, the use of concrete historical examples from the readings, other materials, and/or lectures is recommended. The response paper needs to be type-written, double-spaced, with margins 1 inch all sides, common 12 pt. font. Proof-read for spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, etc.! This is an individual assignment; do not work with anybody else on this.

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