I attached the book and read one chapter and write compare and contrast these three sources from chapter 26. 1.  Brochure on the Equal Rights Amendment (1970s)
    Discussion Questions:
        a)  What kinds of inequality seem to concern NOW the most?
        b)  What does the brochure see as necessary for women to take part fully in American  life?
2.  From Barry Commoner, The Closing Circle (1971)
3.  From Richard E. Blakemore, Report on the Sagebrush Rebellion (1979)
      Discussion Questions:
        a)  How and why does Commoner ask Americans to rethink their definition of freedom?
        b)  What elements of environmental policy does Blakemore see as a threat to “our freedom”?
        c)  How do the two writers differ in their visions of the future of American society?
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