Watch the movie and Write a short essay, The Grin Without a Cat, by Chris Marker. You should not only give a summary of the film, but also explain its historical context: what moment and place in history does it seek to represent, and what perspective does it bring to that history? For example, does it take a critical, laudatory or some other kind of position with respect to its society in the past or present? How does it make use of camera, sound, color, character or plot and setting to tell its story?
question one use only the movie and reviews that explain the context of the movie
question 2
When did the Cold War in Europe begin and how? Was there a single event, or set of events that produced it or was it inevitable that it would happen at the end of the Second World War? Were there just two sides, or more than two, and were they evenly matched? How did the wider conflict between the US and Soviet Union impact politics and culture within individual nation states and did the nature of this influence change over time? Mention at least two countries.
Q2 https://www.loom.com/share/b6e668dc80054162a59e6aab7d54881f loom call about the question
you may use outside sources for question 2 as well as using what is talked about in the loom

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