Write an essay in which you discuss the origins of the First World War and the characteristics of the peace settlement at the end of the war. What were the key elements in the peace settlement? How did the war reshape political boundaries both inside and outside of Europe? Explain and illustrate. You will need to include material relating to context, concepts, and background, and use terms and explanations that illustrate key points, and draw conclusions. Useful Terms: Triple Alliance, Schlieffen Plan, Dreadnoughts, Balkans, Bosnia, Serbia, Young Turks, Franz Ferdinand, Central Powers, Young Turks, T.E. Lawrence, Lusitania, Zimmerman Telegraph, unrestricted sub warfare, Germanys November Revolution, Treaty of Versailles, 14 Points, Mandates, self-determination, Balfour Declaration, Sykes-Picot, League of Nations, War Socialism.

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