Make sure that you thoroughly answer all of the questions posed for each section and prompt.

– A minimum of 3 pages- those who want a superior grade will aim higher and provide more.

– Make sure that you cite information from the textbook (direct and indirect quotes) using parenthetical citations (example: author’s last name, page number- Green, 8)

– In cases where you are to provide an argument, make sure that you do and provide evidence (supporting information) to support your claim.

– Make sure that you provide a detailed conclusion which addresses the prompt.

– Make sure that your overall answer is coherent, flows, is thorough, and adequately addresses the question(s) posed through the various prompts.

– Add a works cited page (displaying the textbook publication information formatted in your respective disciplines’ style manual)

The events that led to the establishment of the current government of the United States of America culminated with the creation of the US Constitution. The subsequent events that occurred during the administrations of the first four presidents illustrate the challenges that the country faced during its infancy.

Discuss the founding of the new government- why we had to establish a new form of government and what was the first, how the new government was set up (branches etc.), and the debate around adding and significance of the Bill of Rights- Why are the first ten amendments important (and explain)?

Second, explain the circumstances around the case Marbury v. Madison and the results, the Louisiana Purchase, and the War of 1812.

Third, what early compromises around slavery were made to ensure the institution continued and what innovations provided for its growth into new areas of the country.

Last, what issues still impact our country related to violations of citizenship rights (rights included in the Bill of Rights) and issues regarding the legacy of slavery (race relations and reparations- restitution to descents of former slaves etc.)? Explain and provide examples.   

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