Please read and answer all the questions in each essay topic carefully. Each essay response should be about 2 pages long.  Each essay is worth 50 points each.

I prefer that you speak in plain language as if you were explaining the subject matter to someone with no experience with the topic. It is permitted to only use our textbook as a source. You may use outside sources if you like, but your own reflections in your own words are preferred.

If you submit work that is not your own, you will receive a zero grade for the assignment and academic discipline may ensue.

Preview of Essay #1

Choose one of the religions we covered in this course. Answer the following questions within your essay.

– What forms of worship, prayer, meditation, or ritual activity are associated with this religion?

– How are the rituals performed?

– Who is the leader or who are the leaders in this religion?

– What types of art, music, dance, or other forms of expression are involved in this religion?

– What types of activities are associated with this religion in day to day life?

Be descriptive and specific.

Your essay should be about 2 pages long, double spaced (40 lines). Please proofread. Use spellcheck and grammar check.

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