Health sciences and medicine

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Polio in Niger
Project description
Presentation Format
Title Slide: Includes Title of talk, Group #, name of each participating student, pictures related to disease/country
1. Introduction
Agent (taxonomy)
History of disease (when discovered, how named, etc.)
Physical properties (virulence factors, different genotypes)
At least 1 reference per slide
2. Clinical Features & Diagnosis
Incubation period
Treatment (drugs, vaccines)
Diagnosis (laboratory tests)
At least 1 reference per slide
3. Public Health Impact
Emerging Infectious Disease (why is it emerging, what factors are involved)
Prevention strategies (how effective are control or prevention measures for this disease?)
Future Recommendations (e.g. improve access to potable water or drugs, vaccine delivery, etc.)
At least 1 reference per slide
the number indicates the separate information that goes with each slide everything under number one goes in that slide in so on also each slide requires a type transcript in the notes section of the slide
ALL SLIDES MUST INCLUDE PICTURES & TEXT and use the SAME design/layout format in PowerPoint.

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