Hands-on Lab

For the hands-on lab, you will submit a Microsoft Access database and a Microsoft Word document with SQL statements for the following:

    • Create a new Microsoft Access database named Travel. Note that Microsoft Access does not support the use of SQL scripts to create databases. In Microsoft Word, type the SQL script that you would have used to create the database.
    • Now, add a table named Car_Rental to the Travel database. Make sure that you include the Car_Rental_ID field whose datatype is AutoNumber. In Microsoft Word, type the SQL script that you would have used to create the table. Include the following fields:
      • Car_Rental_ID (AutoNumber, primary key, required)
      • Agency (Text(25), required)
      • Size (Text(25), required)
      • Make (Text(12), required)
      • Model (Text(25))
      • Daily_Cost (Currency)
    • Write INSERT statements for adding the following data to the new table:

Avis Mid Ford 89.95
Avis Full Ford Taurus 112.95
Hertz Comp Chev Cavalier 69.95
Hertz Mid Chev Malibu 84.99
Hertz Full Chev Impala 114.99
National Mid Chrys Stratus 77.95
National Full Chrys Intrepid 109.95
  • Verify the values inserted by using a query.
  • Display each distinct agency (each agency only once).
  • Display the average cost of a Chrysler rental.
  • Display the total count of cars available.
  • Display the highest-priced vehicle.
  • Display each unique agency with the average car price for that agency.

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