Green marketing

Locate an example of a company that is heavily involved in social or green marketing.

-Make a report on the activities of the company.
-Compare this company to a direct competitor that is not so extensively involved in such activities.
-What are the advantages/disadvantages that the social /green approach has over the other?
-Then compare these two examples to your Buying Behavior class project brand. (Project brand is Bandai, A Japanese toy company)

Student responses should reflect an understanding of what social or green marketing is. Some students may confuse social marketing with marketing via social media, so it is important to identify differences between the two concepts. The comparison with the competitor should consider the way the company uses or does not use their social/green marketing efforts to position their offerings. If possible (it will depend on the company/industry), students should analyze how social/green marketing efforts relate to the companys bottom line, consumer attitudes toward the company, and brand loyalty.

The learning outcomes associated with this assignment include application of the psychological and neurological foundations that influence consumer behavior and analyzing specific models of consumer behavior and purchase decision frameworks that inform marketing strategies.

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