greek mythology

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Paper instructions:
Write a three-page paper (double spaced with 11 or 12 point standard font) on
ONE of the following topics.  Please be sure to write clearly and concisely, and
include an introductory paragraph, a thesis statement, a concluding paragraph
(in addition to the body of your paper), and a bibliography.  Don’t forget to use
citations!  Footnotes or MLA-style/parenthetical citations are fine.
2. Read the description of Achilles’ shield in Book 18 of Homer’s Iliad:  The passage,
lines 583-748 (end) is an early example of ekphrasis (a literary
description of a work of art).  What does this description tell you about
Ancient Greek society?  How did people live, what was important to
them, what challenges did they face, etc…?  BE SURE TO CITE THE
3. Investigate early medicine by writing a paper on “Healing Cults and
Sanctuaries,” called “Asklepia,” after Asklepius, the Greek god of
medicine.  Be sure to address how medicine was inseparable from
religion and what methods were used to heal people.  In addition, give
specific examples of persons who were healed (they mention them in
the article!).  Use the following website for your paper: http://

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