Write at least 5 paragraphs of at least 5 complete and meaningful and reasonably long sentences each. The first thing I will do when grading is count paragraphs and sentences.  At the bottom of the page, please list the websites/sources you visited for information (just the website address is okay, this is not a formal Works Cited section). Do NOT plagiarize; use your OWN words (I will check).

Dont forget your sources! You will NOT be allowed to submit revisions later if you forget something.

To submit your work, first prepare your essay in some other file on your computer, then copy/paste the words into the text box here.  Do not upload a file, as this can be a problem sometimes.  Do not type directly in the text box, as you may lose your work while you are creating it.

Address the following:

Throughout the semester, you have learned about various components, processes, and interactions in the Earth System; in other words, the natural environment.

Choose an aspect of the Earth System that you thought was particularly interesting, and write about it (MAKE SURE IT IS ABOUT SOMETHING WE COVERED IN CLASS; SOMETHING RELEVANT ABOUT NATURE). Include what the basic components (parts) are, discuss some processes (things that are happening), and explore some ongoing interactions (how some things are affecting other things).


Here is a very simple, basic example, just to give you an idea (I didnt elaborate here because it is up to you to do that over 5 paragraphs):

You might choose earthquakes (THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE. CHOOSE WHATEVER YOU LIKE THAT IS RELEVANT TO THIS CLASS). What is particularly interesting about them to you? Why did you choose them?

You would need to address the parts involved, such as faults and energy waves (and more). You would then need to discuss the things that are happening, such as the waves moving through the ground and then shaking things up on the surface (and more). You would finally need to discuss how some things are affecting other things, such as the earthquake creating a tsunami, which affects people along coastlines (and more).

This essay is your creation! Elaborate more on the subject, as you see fit. Feel free to include other aspects of the Earth System, as appropriate.

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