Gastronomy media project

Gastronomy media is everywhere on your T.V., phone, and beyond; media encompassing books, movies, podcasts, music, etc. For this assignment, you are required to write a 5-page paper, based on a piece of food/gastronomical media that connects at least 6 concepts or keywords from the course that relates or applies to your narrative. You will also need at least three scholarly sources to connect your media to Before you submit your paper, the topic, media type(with a corresponding link), and the key terms that you plan on using will need to be completed first.Example below:

My topic-Cultural Capital

Paper Thesis- Lyrics are an art form that can add context to cultural capital.

Media type- Music: MF Doom Album title Mmm Food?

Gastronomy Concepts: haute cuisine, aesthetics, capital, gastronomy, culture, globalization

In my paper I will use the music of artist MF Doom to define gastronomy with his lyrics, talk about how he used food to define the culture of rap and African Americans. The Aesthetics of him as a rapper is quite different and that represents how he is a different type of rapper more poetic that uses simple music. His music reminds me of how a chef would prepare a meal like a barbeque and not like haute cuisine which is …

The paper must be 12 point times new roman font and in MLA format. 
I want you to connect and include these six concepts-
1.Food culture and Identity: food & geography (globalization and glocalization )

2.Agriculture and Ethics: ( locavore ; influence of consumer on dynamics of agriculture and the food industry)

3. Chocolate : Terroir from cacao to chocolate ( chocolate tasting wheel)

4.Cuisine : court, peasant, haute cuisine

5. Food as art

6. Birth of gastronomy: Industrial revolution

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