Game and Society

Create a 4-6 minute video or write an 800-1200 word paper that examines the possible broader social/cultural aspects of a game based on one or more of the various perspectives offered in this course.

Learners are encouraged to have a thesis statement, or overarching argument, about the game and then support that argument by either providing screenshots or in-game footage of the game being examined. Learners should also support their argument by drawing on the reading and lessons from the various modules and the approaches they outline.

If making a video, I strongly suggest at least having a rough sketch of your argument and the structure prior to filming. This is a prepared video-statement and not a live-stream word-vomit. You only have 4-6 minutes to construct a coherent discussion of a game. To submit a video, you need to put the URL into a document and upload that here.

If writing a paper, I strongly suggest that you write your 800-1200 words and then revise those words at least a few times. This should not be a “throw 800 words into a MS Word document and hit submit.” Take some time to craft what you would like to say and make your argument.

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