Future Career


For your argument essay, youll write a 2,000- to 2,200-word research
paper on an issue related to your field of study and future career.

You are required to use six to eight reputable secondary
sources. You are required to use American Psychological Association (APA) citation and
documentation format for parenthetical (in-text) citation and your list of

In your opinion, what is the biggest problem facing your future
profession, industry, or market? In your essay, you will present the
problem, clearly define and explain the issues, and then identify the best
possible solution.

You are required to use six to eight reputable secondary

1)Use the header function to insert your page number in the top right
margin of your document. You do not need to include your essay title in the header. (I will complete title page)
2) Begin your document on page 2 after the title page.
Start page 2 with your title
Do not include abstracts in your essays.
Use transitional words, phrases, and sentences to guide your
reader through your essay.
Do not use headings in your essay.
3) Include your references list on the last page of your document.
Do not submit it separately.

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