Fun, Safe and Healthy Mealtimes

For this assignment, choose one of the developmental stages, either toddler or
preschooler, and plan a well-balanced days menu using the national nutrition and food
program guidelines: Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and the USDA-HHS
Dietary Guidelines. This assignment provides the opportunity to use all of the
knowledge gained these past weeks to develop an integrated daily nutritious meal plan.
Your meal plan must include the following:
You plan must be written about the following age groups:
o Toddler
o Preschoolers
The daily menu should include:
o Breakfast
o Lunch
o Afternoon snack
Be sure to document where specific guidelines are utilized and provide a
rationale for how you determined your choices.
Identify any childs special needs that might require modifying this plan.
Submit the assignment in a Word Document.

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