Fruit and Food waste Nutrition

– Think about how much fruit you eat most days. Do any changes need to be made? Although fruit juice counts as a fruit, the latest recommendations encourage consumption of whole fruits most of the time (fiber!) and suggest consuming a variety of different types of fruits to vary your nutrients. If you think that change is needed, try it out this week. Or perhaps, try a new type of fruit one that you havent eaten before.

– Go to this website: and watch
1) EPISODE 4 (on food waste) (9min:22sec)
2) EPISODE 9 (on take-out food) (7minutes:2sec)

– Then go to this website and watch “The Compost Story (6min:46sec)”

– Watch:

– Visit:

– Track your own food and packaging waste for one day (and since this weeks food is fruit, make sure you include some fruit).
Things to consider:

Packaging of food and eating utensils/plates, etc.          Food waste generated
Describe any packaging waste from your meal              Describe any food waste from your meal
How was your packaging waste disposed of?                How was your food waste disposed of (or used)?

Answer the following questions:

a. Did you make any changes this week to your consumption of fruit? Tell us about it.

b. What 3 new things did you learn from the 3 videos (#2 episode 4, #2 episode 9, and #3 the compost story) you watched. State one new thing from each video.

c. What did you learn from tracking your own food waste for the day? Describe the packaging waste and food waste you generated.

d. What happened to this waste? Were you able to recycle the packaging and compost or reuse your food scraps? Why or why not?

e. Looking at the EPAs tips, what 3 changes could you make to how you dispose of your food and food packaging waste that would help save food and be better for the planet? Are you already using some of these approaches?

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