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Question 1 : Penn State is an honorable institution that is trying desperately to defend its [sic] ethics and all of the individuals who had nothing to do with this horrific scandal, which have been destroyed by the actions/inactions of a few individuals.
The quote comes from a blog on the Penn State scandal. Evaluate the accuracy of the bloggers thoughts.
Why does it happen that many are punished for the actions of a few?
Or is that an accurate assessmentis it the actions of a few?

Question 2: Oregon State President Ed Ray, who announced the Penn State sanctions, said that what happened occurred because of the Penn State culture, that the football program had consumed the values of the university.
What does he mean?
What can you point to in the case that illustrates his point?

Question 3: What does the case teach us about the importance of speaking up?
Of raising objections? Give examples of why people did not speak up in this case.

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