Food insecurity in Lebanon and the implications of Hezbollah’s initiatives

Research report for the module of ‘Land Fuel and Agriculture’ – the research report much be a question surrounding topics of land security, food security and political economy of land and resources in the context of global scarcity
The module summary is – “The module explores the political economy of land and resources in the context of global scarcity. It focuses on the impact of mining and resource extraction and rural transformation for communities impacted by the global (and local) struggle for resources. The course highlights the inter-connectedness of international, national and local rural transformations in the Global South and how patterns of development impact rural-urban relations, resource allocation especially around mining, agriculture and development and the impact this has on affected communities. It explores critically contemporary development debates regarding what development means in the 21st century and how communities in the global south contest western development mantras of industrialisation, economic growth and so on.”

Additional materials attached are a sample research report of 6000 words for structure and the instructions provided for the assignment

The chosen topic for the research paper is the Lebanese case study of food insecurity and how the Hezbollah Party of God is exploiting the government’s instability to propose economic initiatives to alleviate poverty and food scarcity and gain public approval.

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