Financial Plan

In this second week of your course project, you will be adding the financial section to the business plan.

As you completed the first section of your business plan, your manager has informed you of outside interest in the company. You have been tasked to complete and verify the current financial health of the company.

Note that you might need to create some hypothetical details to fill in gaps for researched information. However, the project should use as much real information as possible.

Based on your research, write a succinct analysis of each of the following items:

C.  Financial Statements and Projections
  1.    Income Projection Statement
  2.    Forecasted 12-Month Profit and Loss
  3.    4-Year Profit and Loss Projection
  4.    Sales Forecast
  5.    Cash Flow Projection
  6.    Projected Balance Sheet, Income statement for the Next 3 Years
  7.    Payback Calculation

The submission details are as follows:

*Present your analysis as a 5-page report in a Microsoft Word document formatted in APA style.
*Cite any sources in APA format

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