“Fighting corruption in India: A bad boom

** Please note that you have the option to submit a draft of your paper by 4/17 and receive
written feedback (complete drafts only) before the final paper is due on 5/6. You may also
stop by and discuss your assignment with me during office hours or appointments. See
below for instructions on how to submit the draft and the final version of the assignment.

Obtain the article ?Fighting corruption in India: A bad boom?, published in the print edition of
The Economist, March 15, 2014. This article is available online and on Titanium. The article
gives an excellent opportunity to apply the tools we have developed in class to the real world.

Your assignment is to write a brief report in your own words on the effects of corruption on
India?s income level and current and future economic growth using two of the models of
economic growth that we have covered in class: the Solow model and endogenous growth
models. Assume that your audience is composed of fellow students from this class who have not
read the article. You may only use the article, your textbook, and your class notes (including
lecture slides) as references. In your writing, refer to specific issues raised in the article and use
them as examples to illustrate your points.

Your report must incorporate all the points below and be no more than three double-spaced
pages long (12 point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins). No handwritten papers
will be accepted. Make sure to use the correct economic terms.

Required components and the grade points associated with each component are as follows:

1. (10 points) Introduce your essay with at least two sentences identifying the article?s general
topic and summarizing its main points as they relate to the topic of this assignment. This will
serve as an introduction to your report.

2. (10 points) Briefly describe the determinants of income levels and economic growth according
to the Solow model and endogenous growth models.

3. (20 points) Applying the Solow model to India, discuss – based on the article – at least one
distinct effect of corruption on India?s income level.

4. (20 points) Again applying the Solow model to India, discuss – based on the article – at least
one distinct effect of corruption on India?s current or future economic growth.

5. (35 points) Now apply endogenous growth models to India. Discuss – based on the article – at
least two distinct effects of corruption on India?s current or future economic growth.

6. (5 points) Conclude your essay with a brief summary. 2

How is the writing assignment graded?

Each of the six components above is worth the indicated grade points. Please note the following
rules in order to avoid point deductions:

1. You may only use the assigned article, your textbook, and lecture notes as sources. No other
sources are permitted, including no online sources. You may not discuss this assignment with
another student or anybody else. Any violation of this policy is considered plagiarism.
Plagiarism in any form will result in a ZERO for the assignment and further disciplinary
sanctions, and the incident will be reported to University officials. Plagiarism is a form of
academic dishonesty. For information on how to avoid plagiarism, please see the student
resources available at https://www.fullerton.edu/integrity. Talk to me if you have any questions.

2. Quotations from the article, lecture notes or textbook are not permitted and will receive ZERO

3. Incorrect spelling and/ or grammar will result in significant point deductions. You may seek
help with your writing from the University Learning Center located in the library. You are also
strongly encouraged to use ?The Business Writer?s Handbook? by Alred et al. (2012), Bedford/
St. Martin?s: Boston, New York, to help improve your writing. I especially recommend working
through pages 526-534.

4. Not following the guidelines will result in point deductions, which may be significant.

? Be sure to argue within the models. That is, you cannot discuss effects not captured in the
models. For example, both models assume that savings equal investment, so you cannot
argue that investment is low(er) without explaining this through a change in savings.

? You need to discuss distinct effects for 3., 4., and 5 in order to receive full credit.

How to submit the assignment

1. Login to the course in Titanium
2. Go to ?Assignments?
3. Choose ?Writing Assignment #2: Draft? or ?Writing Assignment #2: Final Version?
depending on which one you submit, and click on it
4. Click on the tab ?My Submissions? or ?Submit Paper?
5. Fill out the submission paper title, then browse your file of the writing assignment, check the
box to confirm that this is your own work Click ?upload?
6. It will direct you to ?Submit Paper: Step 2 of 2? Click ?Add submission?
Requirements for single file upload: File must be less than 1 MB

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