Fast food is harmful to many people because it cause people to have multiple health diseases, makes all people of color suffer from advertisements and disproportionate marketing, and raise the risk of environmental destruction.

Write a 200 word summary of the article using your own words.

Begin by introducing the author by full name, the “title of the article” in quotation marks and the title of the publication in italics.  Subsequent references to the author should be by last name only.
State the author’s main argument (i.e. the author argues X because A, B and C).
In the summary, include points that illustrate the author’s argument only.  Omit other details or background information. 
Signal the ownership of ideas with attributive tags and signal phrases throughout your summary. (If you skip more than two sentences without an attributive tag or signal phrase, you are not using them consistently throughout the summary.)
Ensure that the representation of the article is neutral and balanced.
Do not use any quotes.
At the end of your summary, provide a thesis statement responding to the author’s main argument.  Your thesis may take the following format:  I dis/agree with the [author’s] argument, because [insert your own reasons].  If you are agreeing, be sure that you are not copying the author’s reasons, but providing your own reasons for coming to the same conclusion.

The summary you provide here will become the introduction for your argumentative essay.

Then, write a 700-800 word body for your thesis.

Include clear, specific and focused topic sentences for each body paragraph and ensure that the topic sentences support the thesis.
Include at least 3 sources (other than the source you are responding to) in your essay.  These sources should be used to support your argument response to the article you have found.  At least one source must be from the library database.  Sources like Wikipedia will not be accepted.
Use no more than two quotes; all quotes should be integrated into your writing using the three-step method.  No block quotes.
Display careful proofreading and editing for grammar, mechanics and punctuation.
Sources that are summarized or paraphrased must be cited in-text using MLA format.
Include a separate Works Cited page listing sources alphabetically in MLA format. Note that you should have a total of 4 sources on your Works Cited page.

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