Family Therapy Case: What type of therapy would you use?

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After reading the case, I need help developing an intervention plan using different techniques such as

Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT) and Integrative problem-centered couple’s therapy, The Relationship Enhancement, genogram and parenting education, etc… While identifying

1.Legal and ethical considerations regarding the family circumstances

2. Multicultural considerations

3. Theoretical counseling model used in the case

4. Specific issues facing the family

5. Assessment techniques used in the case

6. Intervention plan for the family

7. Prognosis for the family.

Please provide peer references to use in this assignment.

A family was referred for individual and family therapy by a child protective service case worker, following a womanâ??shospitalization for injuries sustain when her husband physically assaulted her with a baseball bat. They have four kids and all of them are exhibiting some type of negative behavior because of the abuse, although they never experienced any physical abuse from the father. The father spent time in jail but was accepted back by his wife. She then conceived a child, thinking that would help with the relationship and it did for a while before the abuse started again.

The mother has a history of abuse from her father. She was reared in the Bahamas, she conceived her oldest son at the age of 19. Although, her husband reared him as his own, he wouldn’t let the boy go back to visit any of his people who is out of the country. The mother began to experience signs of depression because of her behavior displayed to her friends and family. She did seek counseling and convinced her husband to see a psychiatrist because of his behavior. He was diagnosed with bipolar syndrome; he was put on medication for his psychotic behaviors and began to feel better. The abuse ceased for a while, he even allowed his wife and children to travel out of the country to visit the older son’s family, but once they got back, the father was passed out; he had liquor bottles in his presence and stopped taking his meds. He also began the abuse again. He lost his job and eventually, they were kicked out of their house and became homeless; they had to spend time in the homeless shelters but because of the Mr’s negative behavior, they were put out. After a bad physical altercation, a social worker ordered the Mrs. To a public assistance home for her and the children. However, after being away from him, he got sober, came back but she is now experiencing more depression and the children are all having trouble in school and are acting out.
One child is showing aggression towards the siblings, obsessed with fire and slaps his mom, terrible grades, but is very artistic in kick boxing, and drawing.
One child obese and has asthma, bites fingernails until they bleed, he has nightmares because he called the police on his dad for assaulting his mother. He is afraid that he will come back and get him, but he also worries because his dad is in jail. He also visualize his father beating his mother, therefore, he has trouble sleeping. He is having trouble in school academically.
One child is well rounded, does all the household work but will only socialize with people at her school. She takes on the role of the mother and only argues with the older son, who happens to have a different father then the rest of them. She also likes tojournal in her notebook.

One child has ADD and a very distinct imagination. She wets the bed and potty in the bed also. She is a Kindergarten.
She also has nightmares, loves to color and watch cartoons.
The preschool child is having cognitive problems in school; fearless, defiant, tries to hurt the dog and has a high tolerance topain. He also plays with all his toys and siblings very aggressively.

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