FAD Diet

The term FAD diet and FAD diets themselves are used often by many individuals in our communities. Individuals of all cultures and economic backgrounds are attracted to FAD diets for their promise of weight loss and vitality. Many of the FAD diets are short term, but a few are considered FAD diets and have been popular for many years. Since you have chosen to take this course you are most likely following a career in healthcare. Knowing that you have chosen a career in healthcare, individuals in your family, your friends, and individuals you will care for as a healthcare provider will ask your advice on FAD diets or want your opinion on what FAD diet is the best. This paper will focus on you choosing a FAD diet that is currently popular now or has been in the past. Please explain whether you believe the FAD diet is a nutritionally sound diet or a diet that is dangerous and nutritionally depleted. I am including a web site that you can link to for a list of FAD diets, but you can use other links as well. NOTE: Not all FAD diets are bad. There are some FAD diets that based on the knowledge you have received in this course, are a healthy alternative for individuals to attain health and wellness. The goal is for individuals to develop a daily healthy eating plan into their lifestyle that will give them the most nutritionally dense foods filled with nutrients and vitamins.

Web address to search FAD diets


The Mid Term paper (Paper #1) should be at least 3 pages in length, not including the title page and/or abstract references, figures and tables, which are additional. You must include a minimum of 3 references in researching this paper and include them on your reference list. The American Psychological Association format will be followed for writing this paper. Prepare your paper using the word-processing program Microsoft Word, formatting as follows:

Margins: 1 inch left, right, top, bottom

Font face: Times New Roman

  Font size: 12pt

Double spacing

Title Page: Must be completed According to APA format

Pagination with page one (title page), then beginning on the second page of full text, this is your abstract page (no more than 250 words), and third page is the introduction.

Correct formatting, spelling and grammatical construction is expected.

All references must include citations according to APA format, your last page(s) should be your cited reference page(s)

APA format cover sheet, into/abstract, citations & reference sheet.10 points

Scholarly writing & quality of the paper.. 10 points

Nutrition of FAD diet…..30 points

Risk factors10 points

Etiology / Pathophysiology……..10 points

Clinical manifestations (s/s).. 10 points

Discuss three references related to the topic..10 points

Psychosocial issues.10 points

Total 100 points

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