Explore and Travel

All travel bans have been lifted and you can explore any culture in the world! The question is, where would you like to go?

This paper is for you to research and write about another country in which you would like to visit.

Your paper will be 2 to 4 pages of good writing.
It will include 3 or more scholarly and credible resources both in-text and on a reference page in APA formatting.
Your paper will have an introduction, body and conclusion.
You can write about any country in the world you would like to visit and why?
Use your research to tell us about the country, it’s people, traditions, etc.
Do NOT use too much time on history or how to get a passport.
Focus on what we can all look forward to seeing when we are visiting this country.
Include credible sources such as websites from travel and or that country or the US or both.
How can travel teach us to be more socially aware?
Be sure to use complete sentence structure, good grammar, writing, and resources.

This is an academic based research paper. Enjoy the research and potential of travel and learning about other cultures.

An excellent paper will include:

Title page in APA.
2 to 4 pages of good writing.
Introduction that includes a ‘map’ of sorts. An example… “This paper will discuss Scotland, a short history, places to visit and it’s importance in world history.” So, I just made this up, your ‘map’ will be better.
Developed paragraphs of 4 to 6 sentences to discuss each of the points in the introduction.
Transitional phrases from paragraph to paragraph to guide the reader.
Scholarly and or credible sources used in-text to back up your points.
Interesting facts and information.
What we can learn from travel and traveling to this destination.
Conclusion to wrap up the points.
Reference page in APA.

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