Example Theories & How You Can Apply Them

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For this assignment you critique a media text (song or film). You will apply a minimum of three theories of Interpersonal Communication to better understand the implications of this text. You can draw upon your readings of chapters six and seven, as well as class lectures. In addition to helping us understand the media text, you will explain how it challenges (or affirms) and adds new perspective to our understanding of Interpersonal Communication.
• Example Theories & How You Can Apply Them
• What Style of Love do the relational partners represent? Is there overlap, similarity, complimentary or conflicting difference; do partners demonstrate more than one style? Make claims, cite evidence/examples from the text and explain how persons’ negotiations of these styles affect the relationship quality.
• What Stage of an Interpersonal Relationships are the persons negotiating? Cite the stage, provide evidence/examples from the text and explain how their negotiations of these stages affect the relationship quality.
• Are Gibb’s Pairings at play in a unique way in the text? How are these negotiated in the text? Cite the pairings, providing examples from the text. You can also develop an original pairing unique to the persons involved. How is the relationship quality affected by the dialectic(s)?
• Explain the application of Defense Mechanisms and forms of Coping with Defensiveness relative to the relationship articulated by the song or film.
• Additional Theories you may want to address: Types of Conflict, Stages of Conflict, Power, Interpersonal Needs Theory and Self-Disclosure.

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