Evaluation Plan

Evaluation Plan
You were introduced to the various types and purposes of evaluations. For this assignment, you will create an evaluation plan for a proposed program. You will present this information in a PowerPoint and provide speaker notes to support your content.

Assignment Directions
As you create your presentation, please note that some content may require more than one slide to clearly provide the required information. Be sure to also use the speaker notes area to support your slides, following the guidelines provided in the assignment requirements.

Please addresses each of the following:
    Provide brief, clear statements of the vision, mission, goal, and community impact of your program proposal.
    Identify at least FOUR (4) program objectives that need to be achieved to successfully implement the program.
    State the program activities associated with each objective.
    Select the appropriate type of evaluation plan for the identified program.
    Include a list of the specific questions you want your evaluation plan to answer.
    What data collection methods do you intend to integrate into your evaluation? Provide support for the method you selected.
    What measurement tools do you intend to apply in your evaluation? Describe how they will be used.
    Report THREE (3) client outcomes that will result from the successful implementation of your program.
    State the criteria you would use to measure client change.
    Briefly describe how you intend to analyze and interpret your evaluation.
    Discuss how you plan to communicate your plan and share the findings of your evaluation effort.

Assignment Guidelines
Your presentation should be at least TEN (10) slides, not including the title and reference slides, and should include the following elements:
1.    Title Slide: Provide your name, assignment title, course and section number, and date.
2.    Body: Each bulleted question should be on at least one slide and some questions may require more than one slide. Answer all the questions, reflecting appropriate personal and professional insights.
a.    The assignment must be written in Standard English and demonstrate superior organization, including a highly developed viewpoint and purpose. TWO to THREE WELL DEVELOPED PARAGRAPHS will be used in the Notes section below each slide to support the content on your slides. Presentations are visual; therefore, use clear, concise bullet points and avoid crowded slides. Additionally, images and diagrams are wonderful presentation tools, but be sure to include all required citations.
b.    Your responses should reflect professional writing standards, using proper tone and language. The writing and writing style should be correct and accurate and reflect program development and administration knowledge.
3.    Reference Slide: Sources listed in APA format.
a.    Include a minimum of three sources to support your responses and conclusions. One can be your text (ATTACHED). The other two should be from a peer-reviewed journal with DOI numbers and not more than 5 years old.
4.    Use Arial or Times New Roman 18-point font.
5.    Use APA formatting and citation style.

This assignment assesses the following Course Outcome:
Develop an evaluation plan for a human services program.

Please read the following chapters in the text: Kettner, P. M., Moroney, R., & Martin, L. L. (2017). Designing and managing programs: an effectiveness-based approach (5th ed.). SAGE.

    Chapter 10: Performance Measurement, Monitoring, And Program Evaluation
    Chapter 11: Impact Program Evaluation and Hypothesis Testing

Chapter 10 will explain the link between performance measurement, monitoring, and evaluation and management information systems. In this chapter, you will explore the purposes and process for monitoring. You will also discover ways in which data are used.
In Chapter 11 of the text, you will review the impact of program evaluation in more detail. You will be introduced to theory success, theory failure, and program failure learn the relationship between the three theories. You will also be introduced to the major types of program evaluations. You will also review two major reasons that programs fail. It is important to be familiar with these reasons to avoid common pitfalls and to prepare for program success.

Additionally, please review the resources below:
Library Reading

Unrau, Y. A., Gabor, P. A., & Grinnell Jr., R. M. (2007). Evaluation in social work: The art and science of practice (4th ed.). Oxford University Press.
    Part II: Doing an Evaluation

Web Resources

Center for Community Health and Development, University of Kansas. (n.d.). Section 5. Developing an Evaluation Plan. Community Tool Box. https://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/evaluate/evaluation/evaluation-plan/main
Fetterman, D. (2017). Empowerment Evaluation. BetterEvaluation.

    Please review the key concepts found in this resource.

McNamara, C. (2017). Field guide to nonprofit program design, marketing and evaluation (5th ed.). Authenticity Consulting, LLC.

Quinn, R. E. (n.d.). Robert E. Quinns Competing Values Framework. Quinn Association. https://www.quinnassociation.com/en/robert_e_quinns_competing_values_framework

OTM Education. (2013, November 2). Introduction to Competing Values Framework [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/ouwcIR3ia3o

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