Eugene Sledge Paper

The second reaction Paper deals with Eugene Sledges, With the Old Breed and will also be 3-5 pages in length. The questions I want you to keep in mind and work on in the paper are: How did Sledges experience in combat change his view of the Japanese soldiers he was fighting? What affect did Sledges experience fighting in the Pacific have on him when he returned from the war? Are people more aware of the effects of war on soldiers now? (Due December 3) (Citations from the book are required!)

Please footnote and cite all your sources! Students will be required to use Chicago Manual of Style for your footnotes or end-notes. Other methods will not be accepted! Each of these papers will demonstrate your ability to take a position on a subject and present evidence to back up your argument. Clarity of thought in developing your argument is also essential, so think through your topics carefully. Also, punctuation and proper usage of language will be graded.

You can access an example of Chicago Manual of Style at this site:

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