Etic Forms and Emic Variations

ETIC FORM: [3 pts.] Simply identify the one Etic Form your group chose to focus on here. No lengthy descriptions/explanations are necessary.
Emic Variations – Group Member #1: present/explain a minimum of 3 Emic Variations that
a) represent the cultural perspective Group Member #1 decided to focus on and was noted above
b) clearly relate to the groups chosen Etic Form

The ETIC FORM should be  “political philosophy.” for this one Please focus on Hong Kong. ( Don’t need to write a lot, focus on next part)

And for the Emic Variations, please chose these four
1. Types of leadership
2. Societal Integration
3. Decision-making mechanisms
4. Degree of control over people
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Please don’t copy any text from the Internet
thank you

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