Ethics in Practice

Ethics in Practice
Ethical Decision Making
Think about a situation you have experienced where the ethics were problematic for you; perhaps, it was a hiring decision, a firing decision, or allocation of scarce resources. Answer the following prompt:
–    How did you make your decision? What were your guiding thoughts?
–    Were you satisfied with the outcome, or would you handle the situation differently if you could do it over?
–    Is there anything you wish you had known at the time?
–    What advice would you give someone facing the same or a similar situation?
Reference text
Schmidt, S. W., & Biniecki, S. M. Y. (2016). Organization and administration of adult education programs: A guide for practitioners. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
o    Chapter 10, “A Question of Character.”
o    “Ethics” section, pages 235248.
o    This section discusses ethics and ethical decision making, situated within the necessary legal framework, which guides the adult education environment.

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