Essay Regarding Cyber Security training

Due to an industrial tragedy involving the old CEO you now have a new CEO, Hollis Evans. Hollis is non-technical and came to your organization, Flamic, from a completely different market segment. Youve been tasked with training Hollis on how to spot and avoid falling victim to a social engineering attack. You will also develop a pretend phishing email to test Hollis to see how much your training worked. Use any persuasive techniques you have at your disposal. If you need to draw pictures, draw pictures. Slides, infographics, interpretive dance any of these can be used to convey to Hollis what social engineering is and how to avoid falling prey. If you use something other than a letter or memo youll need an introductory document (yes, with letterhead!)
Here is Flamics logo:


For the phishing email you can type it out in Microsoft Word. It is understood that the phishing email might not be grammatically correct.

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