Environmental Movement Timeline

Create an historical timeline of the modern environmental movement (within or outside the United States) in order to have an understanding of the history of the movement alongside assessing strengths and limitations of each stage.


The timeline contains at least 1015 events related to the topic being studied.

The timeline can be organized in the following time periods: 15001700, 17001900, 19001950, 19502000, 2000present.

You will create a timeline that incorporates important early writing, the first conservation groups, disasters, legislation, community and nonprofit activism, and more. Within each time period, you can include the following.

Facts such as the Wilderness Act passed in 1964
Laws such as General Mining Act (1872)
People such as Edward Abbey who wrote Desert Solitaire
Agencies such as Bureau of Land Management
Stewardship by agencies and volunteer groups
Include some images such as “Earthrise,” the photo that propelled the environmental movement and led to Earth Day
(When you use an image, you must include a citation and URL for the source of the image.)
As you develop your timeline, assess limitations and strengths of each stage to make meaningful connections with the development of the environmental movement.

Toward the end of your timeline, examine the role of this environmental movement in a rapidly changing world.

Use at least three scholarly sources and remember that you need to cite these sources to give them credit for their information.


For this segment of the course, you will create a timelinea highly visual, creative, and insightful way to assess the role of this environmental movement in a rapidly changing world.

For this assignment, you may use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. You must include the following elements.

1015 events
Clear and specific descriptions of events included
At least three visual elements
Three scholarly sources
APA format

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