English and Literature

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All of the readings in The Little, Brown Reader either comment directly on or relate to the aspects of our culture that pose challenges in our effort to understand our lives and environment. These include family, identity, teaching and learning, work and play, language and communication, social networking, law and disorder, consumerism, and our environment. Consider the readings on these topics that are of interest to you, and write an argumentative essay in which you analyze and take a stand on an issue related to one of these specific topics. Using at least one of the readings from our text and several additional sources, synthesize the viewpoints of these sources, and argue the position you find most convincing. Be sure to adhere to MLA guidelines throughout the process. 

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Length: 1800-2400 words (6-8 pages)

Selecting a Topic:
Choose a topic that:
• honestly interests you—perhaps an issue you or someone you know has faced—something you genuinely care about;
• is researchable (involving a range of sources—magazines, journals, books, Internet, pamphlets, interviews, etc.);
• can be covered fairly in 1800-2400 words (narrow your focus).

Required Sources:
In addition to citing from one of the readings in The Little, Brown Reader (12th Edition), you must cite from a minimum of five sources (for a total of six required sources). These need to represent a variety of different types of sources—include a combination of at least three of the following:

• Analytical: information provided through analysis of the issue (book or article)
• Internet: choose from the wide range of information available (be sure to assess the credibility of the site)
• Interview: conduct an interview with an expert in the field (someone who has studied the issue or has personal experience with it)
• Survey: include responses from at least 25 people
• Cultural: use examples from TV, film, popular magazines, etc.

MLA Format:
• Include parenthetical citations for all quotes, paraphrases, and summaries.
• List your sources in a Works Cited list—the list of the sources you actually cite in your paper and a Works Consulted list, if applicable—the list of the sources you consult but don’t actually cite in your paper.

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