Engineering and Construction AET ETO reflection

Engineering and Construction AET ETO reflection

Project description
This 30 minute video is available to students through the blackboard management system. This video documents a major economic shift in drag racing from participant to spectator. A reflection style essay paper should answer the question “how did the era of the slingshot dragster serve to help drag racing evolve from primarily a participant sport to more of a grandstand spectator event?” As with any reflection, this is not a summary or book report of the video, but rather how you interpret the video. The reader of your essay should clearly be able to tell that you have viewed the video. A reflection is a way of expressing how what you experience (the video) assimilates with your current/previous perspective. Please see the folder on “How to write a Reflection” for more help. The essay should be more than 600 words Citations, abstracts, or a particular writing style format are not required for this assignment. Use the turnitin link at the bottom of this page to submit your work. this is the link for the video : mms://!.wmv

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