Once you have read or viewed the lesson readings and assignments, you are expected to produce at least one substantive original idea by responding to one of the discussion prompts below. Ideas must be supported by documented information provided in course readings using APA format.

Prompt 1: What efforts are being made in your state, in relation to the economic stimulus funding for education or Race to the Top grants, to reform assessment and school accountability for EB students? Do you feel that these are positive changes that will benefit EB students and their teachers? Why or why not?


Prompt 2: One of the major issues involved in meeting the unique language and academic needs of EB students is whether or not they should be taught in separate classrooms or programs. This consideration raises the sensitive issue of segregation. When might separate classrooms or programs be needed? What are some possible solutions to the segregation problem that still address the needs of EB students?

NOTE: Specify which prompt you are responding to in your initial post.

Wright, W. E. (2019). Foundations for Teaching English Language Learners: Research, Theory, Policy, and Practice (3rd ed.). Philadelphia: Caslon Publishing.

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