Select one of the prompt and respond using citations.

Make your initial original contribution post (using ONE of the prompts) to the Discussion Forum by the due date.

Once you have read or viewed the lesson readings and assignments, you are expected to produce at least one substantive original idea by responding to one of the discussion prompts below. Ideas must be supported by documented information provided in course readings using APA format.

Prompt 1: Consider the different labels that have been used to describe students who are not yet proficient in English. Which ones have you heard used in your school or program? Which do you prefer? Why? (Remember to cite as appropriate.)


Prompt 2: What does it mean to “know” a language? Describe your own experiences or observations related to this issue. (Remember to cite as appropriate.)


Garca, O., & Kleifgen, J. A. (2018). Educating emergent bilinguals: Policies, programs, and practices for English learners. Teachers College Press.

Wright, W. E. (2019). Foundations for teaching English language learners: Research, theory, policy, and practice (Third edition). Caslon.

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