Economics Human Resource Economics

Economics Human Resource Economics

This is a Human Resource Economics module and need to write a project. A professional consulting report. Must treat it as you are the consultant. Must use a manufacturing company. Example: Samsung, Apple. A worldwide well known manufacturer.
Praiect to__o_ic.’

A5 3 Co’75U/fa/7F you are reporting to a large scale manufacturing business

(W/F/I factories in Singapore and/or internationally. You are asked to

0’oV/’0′? 3 report detailing findings from the economic literature on the

effectiveness of signalling techniques in generating impro veo’ business

outcomes. How effective signalling benefit the organisation? C ons/o’er/’ng
the Cost of signalling techniques used by the firm, in what ways it is
better off than the firms who do not signal? Recommend at least two
techniques by which you think that the firm can improve its signalling

A. outcome.

Project Guideline:

0 You should aim to think critically and write originally.

o A key component of the assessment of the assignment will be based

on your ability to explain your answers using the economic

concepts and theory discussed in this unit. You will be rewarded

A for linking the theory with a real life example.

You will be rewarded for picking an interesting market to study.

Examples of potential markets include (but not limited to) sporting

events, petrol stations, supermarkets and movie cinemas.

You are required to research this topic. The use ofjournal article
searches and newspaper article searches will assist you with the
to re-read your assignment before submitting it; poor

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