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Hard Rock Music as a Positive Social Force
1) Introduction
a. Music is a universal language
b. Music affects our temperaments
c. Many intelligent people were musicians: Albert Einstein, Jefferson, etc.
2) Hard Rock Music is bad for the mind
a. Researches conducted on the learning and studying patterns of people while listening to hard rock
b. All show that listening to hard rock music greatly lowers cognitive abilities and memory
3) Hard Rock Music is bad for the body
a. Causes muscle strength to go weak
b. Also disrupts the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain, causing learning problems
c. Can cause general malaise in children as well as adults
4) Hard Rock Music is bad for the society
a. Explicit Lyrics
b. Sexual Contents
c. Violent Images
d. Drug Usage
5) Conclusion: Hard Rock Music is bad for humans

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