Discussion Post Response

1 page discussion response to attached discussion from peer.

Responses will be evaluated based on four criteria:
    Analysis and Application (30%) Student demonstrates in depth understanding of the required readings and underlying concepts. Responses also integrate outside resources, research, or practical examples providing appropriate citations.
    Participation & Timeliness (30%) Postings stimulate further discussion by providing new information, asking new questions, building on peer responses, and/or providing alternative/ oppositional statements to previous posts. Student postings demonstrate respect and sensitivity to peers views, beliefs, background, etc. Writing style facilitates written communication with peers.
    Appraisal and Discussion (30%)-Students accurately evaluate and integrate the evidence providing appropriate citations
    Quality of Writing (10%) Responses are free of grammatical errors, typos, etc. and follows APA 6th edition format.  Uses two or more references < 5 years old

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